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December 2 - El Reno, OK


Lot 1
Tag 0278
Sire Trunk
Dam Composure 7080 (Prestige’s Mom)
Bred to Cheap Sunglasses
Sonogram Twins
Due Mid February

AE 0278 “Rachel” will lead off our consignment for the 2017 Industry’s Elite.  It was tough for us to make the decision to part with this gal as she has been a standard in the donor program and has raised Rams, wethers and a multitude of ewe lambs that have been sold to the likes of Droppert, Simpson, and Begalka as well as 11 daughters that are working here.  Rachel has been a tremendous donor giving 18,16,17,15.  She always responds well!  If you want to see a well built, huge hipped muscular donor female, check Rachel out at the IE.  This ewe is truly special!




Lot 2
Tag 3339
Sire TA
Dam Protocol
Bred to Bar Fight
Sonogram Twins
Due Late January

TA 3339 was Kyra’s Show Ewe the same year Bree showed “Prim”.  3339 is the one Ewe lamb that broke the Elliott family from showing ewe lambs!  This one was tough to break as a Show Ewe, pretty high strung and she proved too much for an 11 year old.  However, she did go directly to the flush pen and she had been hitting it out of the park ever since!  A multitude of daughters have been retained here, but we’ve also sold a few.  One of her ewe lambs went to CA at 7500 privately. Another was Lot 1 on the Dynamic Divas and grabbed 11k bought by the Grotegut family.  Her most recent contribution to AE was her natural born ram lamb here in May that we have named “Dive Bar”.  We think a lot of this guy and this donor dam has as good of a track record as any!  Plus...have you seen her picture??? Not sure you can make a brood ewe any better.  She is a MUST SEE in El Reno!  




Lot 3
Tag 5111
Sire Congo
Dam Swamp Donkey
Bred to Rhetoric
Sonogram 1+
Due Late February

The Industry’s Elite sells the some of the most elite females in the business year in and year out.  Some folks won’t accept an invitation to consign to this sale as it requires top females to make this sale go.
Lot 3 is a 2015 model that lambed this year with one of our top 3 replacement females.  She’s seriously good!  Because of her, we were planning to advance 5111 into the donor pen this fall, however we wanted to show this female off so we added her to the consignment.  This Congo daughter has her entire life ahead of her and needs to go onto a donor group.  She is huge pinned and as you can see, very good built.  Take a second and look this young ewe over.  She’s not here because she’s been bad, she’s here because she’s that good!




Lot 4
Tag 0074
Sire Holy Moley
Dam Composure
Bred to Curtain Call
Sonogram Twins
Due Mid February

0074 is one of the great Holy Moley daughters in our flock.  If you’ve followed our program, you know how important and valuable the Holy Moley’s are.  This one has been flushed, has generated high end wethers, high end ewe lambs that have sold to other elite programs and she has contributed 6 daughters to our program.  Not much can be said about this one other than I would never have guessed she would ever leave here.




Lot 5
Tag 41482
Sire Sermon
Dam Log Dog
Bred to Bear Claw
Sonogram Single
Due Early February

This is a yearling Sermon daughter that is way cool. She has the Sermon rib-cage and muscle shape that has become his trademark. He stamps them that way. This gal has a Ewe lamb in the keeper pen and I think she will contribute many more in her lifetime. This one is a neat as they come and she’s bred to our 51 son “Bear Claw”! Could be a keeper buck in her now!




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