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Drum Roll x TA daughter

This guy is monster rumped, freak racked and cracked wide open!  Plus some of the highly coveted shag that’s so necessary. 





Bar Fight x TA 3339 Donor

We feel this is the best Bar Fight male born to date.  He is dammed by our great donor 3339.  This is her natural baby born in May.  He was behind all summer but boy has he caught up now!  He’s loaded with silly muscle.  Giant hip, wide based and square behind.  Sound, level and equipped with extra foot size, leg wool and pure, unadulterated MUSCLE!
We expect big things from Dive Bar!





Sired by Knuckle Puck (Stand Alone son)
Damned by Fresh Brew 4040 donor who is also Drum Roll’s mother.

With an industry push to make show sheep taller fronted, sounder structured and neater built without giving up the necessary muscle shape and width that we’ve come accustomed too. “Sunday Best” has arrived to aid those females that are getting too short boned, low shouldered and rough topped and coarse.  We’re really excited about this guy and he brings a very interesting pedigree to the table as well.





51 x Hardcore Driller

Owned Half Interest with Dona, Elliott, & Hornecker

This guy incorporates the necessary power, expression, and substance without forgetting rib shape, elevation and look.  We’re excited about this guy!





Sermon x Prim TA 3205 Donor

Owned with Larry DeSpain





Fresh Brew x TA

This one has plenty of pin width, power, a little shag to floss your teeth with and as much look, body shape and elevation of front to generate those wethers that can get their picture made.





Flawless x Eroc

Raised by Haws Club Lambs

This buck is as sound, wide constructed and heavy structured as they come.  He's power-packed yet neat in his lines.  We're excited to give this guy a try!




Upperhand Six Pack
Sermon x Prim (TA)

2017 Keeper Buck Lamb
Half interest purchased by Chabot & Benson

This is what we were hoping for when we mated Sermon to a special group of stouter, heavier structured females and he did not let us down. Upperhand is gifted with his sire's muscle shape, structure, and confidence with extra bone and leg wool along with the quality from Prim. This buck lamb will get plenty of work this Fall.



Show Boat Six Pack
Showoff x Shamwow

Raised by Greiner Club Lambs

I stumbled across this yearling buck at Ted Greiner's this summer and was intrigued by him.  Ted got him sheared and sent me a cell phone pic of him.  We quickly spoke for him.  We think he's a pretty cool deal and we plan to utilize him on a top group of females here at A/E.



Polygraph Six Pack
Pale Face x Heisdorffer

Raised by Allred/Elliott

One of the coolest looking and neatest built Dorsets to come along.



Sixpack Six Pack
Burn x Gunslinger

Full brother to Centefold



Sixpack Lunchbox
Small Town x Foos



Rhetoric Rhetoric

Centerfold x Holy Moley

Owned with Grotegut Family

Rhetoric did an awesome job as a lamb and sired sheep that are tall fronted, shallow and shapely with loads of wool. This guy will get his fair share of the work load.





E-Roc x Miller Y-572 

Raised by Haws Club Lambs
View Extended Pedigree





 Powercat x Wheaton 8-075 (donor)

DOB:  2014
Raised by Wheaton Hampshires





51 x Swamp Donkey

This is one of the coolest looking buck lambs that we generated this year and definitely our keeper "51" son.  This guy has his Daddy's expression and muscularity with all of his Mother's grace and elegance.  If you need sheep to be built good and hold together moving around with their legs stable and square and their neck and head up in the air, then you will find a firm appreciation for one that can "Strut"!  We bred him to a select group of ewe lambs for late lambs in 2017 and can't wait for lambing season.





Uproar x Fresh Brew 4040

We feel that this one combines unique attributes that are hard to come by...extreme muscularity and skeletal width combined with an impeccable rib-cage and as pure as he can be structurally.





Centerfold x Swamp Donkey 9088

9088 is the mother of Dirty 30, Integrity,
Spice and Opulence





On Tap x Stogie x Imprint x 277

Raised by Shellhouse Livestock
He makes them creased up and furry





Centerfold x Little Ray

Owned with Begalka and Maclennan





Enigma x Holy Moley
DOB: April 22, 2013

It has been said that "people are much more willing to see a sermon than hear one any day".  With that being said, the industry has been preaching about shape and power, bone and width, balance and structure, etcetera, etcetera.  It's hard to incorporate everything.  Please take an opportunity to see our "Sermon"...we feel his attributes will allow him to preach to the choir!





Solution x Tuff

Raised by Joe Harrell
Pictured as a Yearling









Sermon x Log Dog

Owned with Keith Club Lambs





Choad x 2041 Holy Moley donor

Owned with Hesler Club Lambs




Opulence Opulence

Log Dog x Swamp Donkey 9088

Owned with Triple J

"Opulence" is the full brother to the notable Dirty 30 who sired the Champion lamb at the 2013 NAILE and 2014 Star of Texas and just recently sired the Reserve at Louisville in 2014.  He is also the full brother to Integrity who sired the Reserve Grand at Houston in 2014.  The 9088 donor has earned respect for her unmistakable body type and perfect silhouette, but more importantly than her looks is her ability to generate.  Great stud bucks are hard to find and we are hoping Opulence will follow in the family tradition.





TA x Mayhem (Donor 0041)

Owned with Grotegut

"Maylay" has continued to mature and impress us. He was bred to 40 ewe lambs and we expect him to transmit his perfect loin edge, huge pin set and extra power to his get.

He is moderate, perfectly structured and is dammed by "Rockpile's"mother, our great Mayhem donor. This guy has developed into a special specimen and we can't wait to get lambs on the ground.









TA x Immortal

Anomaly is certainly one of a kind.  Never before has there been one built like this animal.  Farm visitors have raved all Spring and Summer about his overwhelming mass and total muscle dimension, yet is flawless structurally.  Its real hard to create one that has this much power and put it into a package with a big pin set, level hip and perfect back legs.  He too has plentiful bone and foot size AND he's skeletally made right from the side.  He's a freak of nature, really he's just an "Anomaly".

Co-owned with Chris Grotegute Family





"Immortal's Image"
Immortal x Outkast

What this sheep brings to the program is great lower butt shape and inner thigh coupled with a radically round, open forerib and perfect center body shape. He is tall fronted, great legged and his pedigree is just a touch different for us on the maternal side incorporating the old Outkast genetics. We are excited to utilize this unique breeding piece.

Co-Owned with Moser Club Lambs




Dirty 30

Dirty 30
Log Dog x Swamp Donkey

Co-Owned with Middlesworth & Hindman




Log Dog
Log Dog
Trunk x Swamp Donkey

Co-Owned with Simpson & Samber


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Clay & Lili Elliott
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